Even though there have been amazing advances in the treatment of HIV, stigma still surrounds the disease.

Mis-information, fear, and lack of HIV knowledge keep many people living with HIV from accessing care or needed treatment due to fear of their status being known.

Stigma surrounds mental health, yet it is just as important to address as your physical health. Approximately 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year, yet many people still fear labels or stigma about seeking mental health treatment. At, ARE, we believe mental wellness is just as vital to your overall health as your physical wellness.

Homeless individuals often face stigma that they may have done something to cause their situation. However, many people become homeless due to loss of employment, are fleeing a domestic violence situation, face racial or ethnic disparities, or the community lacks affordable housing. Despite all of this, stigma remains around the homeless and for people seeking help, it can be traumatizing and stigmatizing to face discrimination for being homeless.

At ARE, we are committed to fighting the stigma that surrounds so many health disparities. We work with clients on facing stigma and provide a bias-free, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere for the people we serve. 

One way we do that is to #fightthestigma. This hash-tag means that no matter the issue, be it your health status, gender identity, mental illness, housing status, race, sexual identity, etc. we are committed to #fightthestigma that keep people from accessing the care and services they need to live healthy, happy lives.

Want to help us #fightthestigma?

Use this hashtag on your social media, post a picture on ARE’s Facebook or Twitter page and show us how you #fightthestigma every day!