ARE Staff

ARE has a dedicated, creative, compassionate, and diverse staff that bring many years of knowledge to the care of the clients we serve.

Administrative Staff

Katie Vance

Executive Director
Phone: 540-536-5291

Brittney Jones, MSW

Assistant Director/Quality Program Manager Phone: 540-536-5931

Patty Hudnall, BA

Senior Accountant
Phone: 540-536-5018

HIV Client Services Staff

Cathy Sencindiver, BA

Medical Case Manager Supervisor
Phone: 540-536-5290

Trina Welpott, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor & Wellness Practitioner
Phone: 540-536-5293

Amber Clark, BA

Non-Medical Case Manager/Eligibility Specialist Phone: 540-536-5294

Mary Bohacek, MDiv

Medical Case Manager
Phone: 540-536-5941

Mary Thompson, BA

Medical Case Manager
Phone: 540-536-1636

Sara Jenkins, BSW

Medical Case Manager
Phone: 540-536-5297

Dianne Kenney

Transportation Coordinator
Phone: 540-536-2972

Housing Client Services Staff

Oscar Cerrito-Mendoza

Housing Program Manager
Phone: 540-536-5394

Zanata Fenn

HOPWA Case Manager
Phone: 540-536-5338

Mandy Underwood

TBRA Case Manager
Phone: 540-536-0587

Cheryl Brown

Housing Case Manager        Phone: 



Education & Prevention Client Services Staff

Laura Arellano, BS

Education & Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 540-536-5333

Matthew Buracker

HIV Testing Specialist
Phone: 540-536-5147