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Nurse Practitioner

This position is a full time contract position. 

Job Summary

The Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority will perform patient care without access to a physician for guidance and oversight. Performs physical examinations, orders diagnostic tests, may directly perform or direct others to perform nursing assignments. May perform lab tests, take measurements, and develop and implement care plans including the administration of medication and case management. Provides direct patient care as a clinician for Primary Care and other services, such as STI care. Provide clinician level services to train LPN’s and Medical Assistants under their authority. Actions performed at this level require licensure as a Certified Nurse Practitioner by state code.


Masters of Science in Nursing from an accredited nurse practitioner program with prescriptive privileges required

Additional Educational Requirements

Proficient completion of “The Facts and Fundamentals of HIV”, prevention counseling services, STI & HCV treatment training, and any relevant trainings pertinent to HIV, STI’s, HCV, and prevention in primary care within 3-6 months of hire.

Able to bill insurances in the State of Virginia, to be completed within 3-6 months of hire.


Knowledge of primary care medicine.

Must be a licensed nurse practitioner in Virginia with prescriptive authority

Prefer some experience as a Nurse Practitioner in public health, or as a Family Nurse Practitioner


Accurate physical assessment skills

Good oral skills

Ability to accurately maintain patient medical records and prepare reports

HIPAA compliance

Ability to establish and maintain effective, positive relationships with patients, their families, physicians, case managers, pharmacists, and others contacted in the course of work

Ability to maintain current level of medical knowledge at par with standards of practice

Must be a licensed nurse practitioner in Virginia with prescriptive authority

Must be comfortable working with LGBT+ populations and other underserved populations

Possess clinical problem solving and critical thinking skills

Client-centered advocate who is comfortable with a diverse population

Demonstrated negotiation and conflict resolution skills to effectively and professionally interact with persons of all age, culture, gender, disability, religion, education, and socioeconomic status.

Criminal Background Checks

Employment is contingent upon a 3rd party background check

VA Stat Police or WV State Background and Fingerprinting (WV Cares) (applicable state)

Physical Demands

Work Function/Activities: Light to heavy physical demand (20 to 100lbs). Frequent hand washing required. Various physical demands due to nature of role. Frequent standing, bending, sitting, walking, lifting, pulling, pushing, stretching, reaching, carrying, holding, climbing, twisting. Mental activities include practical, organizational, and record-keeping and decision making skills.