What does it mean to be “undetectable?”

Many people still don’t understand about HIV, the disease, the risks of infection, and HIV treatment.

Todd Flaherty created a web series about HIV called “Undetectable,” to explore and discuss what it’s like living with HIV and what being undetectable really means.

Flaherty had this to say, “HIV does not define a person.”

“When we strip away the labels we place on ourselves and others, we realize all humans want the same thing: to make a connection with one another and to feel like our short time on this earth matters.
Undetectable refers to a poz person’s viral load, yes, but it also literally means not able to be detected… invisible.

So most of all, I hope this series offers a new perspective on a community of people who, for too long, have been undetectable among us.”

View the web series at www.undetectabletheseries.com