Honolulu officials are looking to ban the homeless to sit and rest in public areas of the city, after many complaints from the tourist industry.

“Critics say the bans are criminalizing homelessness and not solving the problem.

‘This is just a band-aid approach to the issue and only moves them around, and it makes it quite difficult for our brothers and sisters who are homeless to get back on their feet,’ said Councilman Brandon Elefante, who voted against the bills.”


About 4,900 homeless people live on Oahu.

Hawaii has the second-highest number of homeless persons per capita in the country.

“There are 7,620 homeless people statewide, and half of them are unsheltered. About 4,900 homeless people live on Oahu.

Gov. David Ige recently assembled a new team of city, state and federal officials to work on the problem of homelessness, and the group is actively exploring various sites to expand shelter space.

‘All of us have been working through our budgets to see what resources, what additional resources, we can make available once the leadership team identifies opportunities and projects that have the most promise,’ Ige told reporters Monday.”

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