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Partners & Donors

Lord Fairfax Health District

lord-fairfax-health-districtThe Lord Fairfax Health District in inclusive of Winchester City, Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah, and Page counties. AIDS Response Effort (ARE) takes pride in providing wrap-around services to the residents of this region. It should be noted that restrictions on our funding for the residents in this service area are based on predetermined geographical areas that the grants serve, and not by ARE.

Valley Health

valley-health-logoDuring its formation, ARE entered into its partnership with Valley Health; it has been through this partnership that ARE has been able to continue providing services for the past twenty years. While all of our partners are important to our operation, Valley Health provides in-kind services that are essential to our daily operation including but, not limited to:

  • donated space
  • utilities
  • IS access
  • financial assistance

We at ARE are extremely grateful for the association with and support of such a generous community resource.

United Way

united-way-logoAIDS Response Effort, Inc. has been affiliated with the United Way since 2008, when we were awarded a Community Impact grant of $12,000 to be used to provide testing and education outreach to the region. Since that time, we have celebrated a strong partnership with the United Way of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, receiving grant awards annually through a competitive application process. ARE is also a member of the United Way Combined Federal and Local campaigns. Ask your employer about how you can get involved and contribute to AIDS Response Effort.


MedExpress Pharmacy, an Avita Company

thumbnail.aspxAIDS Response Effort, Inc. is proud to work with MedExpress, an Avita Company, since 2012. MedExpress has been an official sponsor of numerous ARE fundraisers, including our largest fundraiser, Mardi Gras, for three years now. To learn about MedExpress Pharmacy go to