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Consumer Advisory Board (CAB)

Consumer Advisory Board (CAB)

ARE sponsors the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) which represents consumers who are living with HIV in the community and want to make a difference for others living with HIV.

The CAB at ARE is currently working on developing a Consumer Resource/Education G
uide to benefit any hIV positive individual regardless of location of residency.

The CAB also assisted with the development of the Peer Advocacy Program to provide a support system to those consumers in need.

We believe that the best help to people living with HIV, especially the newly diagnosed, is connecting with their peers.

With the CAB and peer advocacy, people can share similar experiences, emotional support, discuss stigma, disclosure, and HIV education with each other.

If you would like to join the CAB, become a peer advocate, or would like to speak to a peer advocate, please call ARE at 540-535-5290.