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Case Management & Support

Case Management & Support

Medical Case Management

“Medical Case management services are a range of client­ centered services that link clients with health care, psychosocial, and other services. The coordination and follow-­up of medical treatments is a component of medical case management. These services ensure timely and coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services and continuity of care, through ongoing assessment of the client’s and other key family members’ needs and personal support systems.

“Medical case management includes the provision of treatment adherence counseling to ensure readiness for, and adherence to, complex HIV/AIDS treatments. Key activities include:

  1. initial assessment of service needs;
  2. development of a comprehensive, individualized service plan;
  3. coordination of services required to implement the plan;
  4. client monitoring to assess the efficacy of the plan; and
  5. periodic re­evaluation and adaptation of the plan as necessary over the life of the client.

It includes client­-specific advocacy and/or review of utilization of services. This includes all types of case management including face-­to­-face, phone contact, and any other forms of communication.” —Virginia Department of Health


Comprehensive assessments to assist with the development of individualized service plans and access to services based on needs presented.

  • Criteria for Ryan White funded Medical Case Management includes proof of HIV/AIDS diagnoses and financial eligibility; this eligibility will be determined at time of screening. Please call for an appointment.
  • Items to bring to the scheduled Intake:
    • form of picture ID
    • Social Security card if available
    • proof of income (W-2, most recent check stubs, bank statement, unemployment verification, etc.)
    • proof of diagnoses (Western Blot, most recent CD4/Viral Load)
    • proof of insurance (if applicable)
    • proof of residency within the service areas (e.g., driver’s license, utility bill, mail with current address on it)


Referrals by Case Managers are made to other community organizations and providers for lab work, physician visits, mental health issues, food banks, etc., based on individualized needs.

Financial Services

financial-assistance-money-helpBased on availability of funding and eligibility, ARE may be able to assist with payment of various services provided to the client such as lab work, physician visits, dental care, mental health visits, medication access, nutritional support and medical transportation.

Medication Assistance


Photo Credit: Lauren Fleming Photography

If a consumer is without insurance coverage, Medical Case Managers will help consumers apply to be placed on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) through the Virginia Department of Health.

For those consumers who do have insurance coverage (private insurance, employer insurance, Medicare, COBRA) but need assistance with co-payments may access drug assistance programs through the Virginia Department of Health as well. Call your Medical Case Manager for more information and assistance.

Transportation Services


Confidential transportation in a comfortable environment.

Our client transportation service is designed for confidential client transportation in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. We cover the Lord Fairfax Health District (Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties and the City of Winchester). The service is provided to eligible, low-income persons who need assistance reaching their medical-related appointments only, including primary care, dental, labs, pharmacy, mental health, and ARE Medical Case Management appointments.

The transportation coordinator works closely with the case managers to ensure that we cover your transportation needs, but at the same time, assuring that it is done in the most cost effective way for ARE. Scheduling requests will determine whether the client will receive a gas card, bus tokens, taxi ride, or a ride in our 7-passenger SUV (Chevy Traverse). We are delighted to be able (through grant funding) to assist you in meeting your appointment needs.

Support Groups


ARE currently has both a HIV+ Women’s Support Group and HIV+ Men’s Support Group, facilitated by our Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Intern. The groups meet every other week from 12 noon-1:00pm. Refreshments are provided during the group and transportation is available for the groups, upon request.

ARE will also soon be hosting Wellness Groups for any interested ARE clients! Stay tuned for more information.

Please call 540-536-5293 for more information about joining the Support Groups.


Photo Credit: Lauren Fleming Photography


Photo Credit: Lauren Fleming Photography