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Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

AIDS Response Effort has formed a Speakers Bureau, a panel of HIV positive individuals who are willing to share their personal story of living with HIV. They can describe how being HIV positive has affected their life and health, and the responses they have received from family, friends and community as they have disclosed their HIV status.

A speakers’ bureau can help eliminate the effects of stigma in a community. The stigma of HIV disease has sometimes resulted in economic discrimination — in employment and housing, for example. It can cause people to treat HIV positive consumers differently from other people. Speaking to the public about what it is like to be HIV positive can change the way the public views HIV and can help to dispel the myths that still surround it and help to improve self image and confidence in oneself.

To request a presentation which includes a member of our Speakers Bureau, or if you are interested in becoming a member please call 540-536-5291.