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Prevention Programs

AIDS Response Effort receives funding to implement evidence based interventions that target populations which are determined to be at high risk for contracting HIV. The goal is to educate and provide tools for behavior change resulting in reduction of risk behaviors that may lead to acquiring or transmitting HIV.

CLEAR: Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results!

This is an evidence-based, health promotion intervention for males and females ages 16 and older living with HIV/AIDS and high risk HIV-negative individuals. CLEAR is a client-centered program delivered one-on-one using cognitive behavioral techniques to change behavior. The intervention provides clients with the skills necessary to be able to make healthy choices for their lives.

CLEAR enables the prevention counselors to individually tailor the intervention to address the unique needs of each client. CLEAR consists of 5 core skill sessions, and 6 menu sessions. Within these core skill sessions, clients develop a personal life goal and an individual prevention plan which directs the focus and selections of subsequent menu sessions. Counselors choose sessions from a menu of six domains to assist clients in achieving their prevention goal(s). The six domains address sexual risk, substance use risk, health care and self-care, treatment adherence, disclosure and HIV stigma. The sessions provide an opportunity for clients to learn, practice, and internalize the cognitive behavioral techniques of the intervention that promote long-term behavior change.

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HIV 101

HIV 101 is an in-house education course, individual level intervention designed to educate individuals ages 13 and older on the risks of HIV and how to effectively prevent HIV transmission, maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with HIV, and answer HIV-related questions with factual resources. Each session is individualized for each of the clients’ needs. Clients can bring in partners and or family members to attend the session with them to further learn about HIV.

Interested in HIV 101? Call 540-536-5333.

Health Education/Risk Reduction

A set of prevention activities provided to individuals or groups to assist clients in making plans for individual behavior change, promote and reinforce safer behaviors and provide interpersonal skills training in negotiating and sustaining appropriate behavior change. Activities range from individual HIV prevention counseling to group interventions to broad, community‐based interventions.